The Domestic Dash: Enjoying the Race!

February 2016

A day late and a dollar short, more than a joke this month, I’m literally a day late starting the dishcloth!  I must still have vacation brain.  Take a look why, We are back from our snow-skiing trip about a week, but as all momma’s know, the weeks before and after a big trip are […]

January 2016

2015 has come and gone and 2016 is here! We had quite a lovely Christmas and a busy, but peaceful New Year.  So peaceful in fact, that as I sat knitting yesterday with a friend, she asked about this month’s dishcloth and I had to admit I’d completely forgotten to start it!  Not that I’ve […]

RMT- December 15

My house is a disaster, and my ‘spot’ on the couch is covered in yarn, poly fill and bits of floss and glitter, must be December!  24 days until the big day, and like all makers, I’d bet you’ve got lots to do!  Instead of getting shorter, my list of to-do’s seems to be growing, […]

RMT- Christmas 2015

Our Sunday morning ritual is to drink coffee and watch Food Network before we go to church.  We have been big fans of The Pioneer Woman for years, since she was a beginner blogger.  In fact I always joke that she is Mr.Fix-it’s ‘girlfriend’, because he talked about what she was cooking so often.  This […]

October Dishcloth-a-Long

October is here!  And with it, cool breezes, colorful leaves and shorter days,  rain, rain and some more rain.  We are entangled in a huge ‘rain event’ here in SENC, and let me just say it’s getting tiresome.  Though, like all things, this to shall pass, sooner or later.  Guess I’ll spend all the time […]

Hello September KAL

Hello September KAL

I’ll share a family secret with you, my little family loves 70’s and 80’s music.  Now, my kids would never admit it, but they love a good sing-a-long in the car or dance party in the sun-room, and 1970-1989, those are our JAMS!  On the way to school this morning I serenaded them with the […]

RMT- August 2015

RMT- August 2015

Happy August everyone!!  It’s my favorite month of the year!  Why?  It’s back to school month, that special time of year when order is restored in my home, I can hardly wait.  It got real this morning when we had to be up at 6:45 am  to get the girl child to the school for […]

RMT, July 2015

RMT, July 2015

My watch says its the 31st, and it’s been a lazy, sunny summer day……… but it’s not the 31st, it’s July 1st!  No time to be lazy, it’s time to start a new dishcloth.  This month I’ve got a cute one, it’s sweet and simple and very summer-y.  At least South-eastern North Carolina summers!!  Also […]

Marking Milestones

Today is the last day of school. The last day of middle school for my daughter and the last day of elementary for my son.   It’s a big day.  The last day of school always fills me with dread, how will I keep them busy?  What will I do with them at home all […]

June RMT

June!  The official start of the summer season, hooray!  Warm, sunny, lazy days are here again.  Some may say it’s too hot to knit, to them I’d say,  you just aren’t knitting the right thing!  Socks, scarves, lacy tops, tote bags, all come to mind, but of course what could be finer than the humble […]