I am a runner, I have been running 4-6 days a week for several years now.  However, I’ve got a confession to make……………….

Before today I had not run in two weeks.  And before that only a couple times a week for the last couple months.  I just haven’t been able to make myself go!  It’s been too cold, I’m too busy, I’ll go tomorrow, I’ve told myself these lies and more.  I came down with the flu arround Christmas,  and was UNABLE to run for 3 weeks.  I had been training, since May, to run my first full marathon in March.  Missing those three weeks set me way back, so much so that I knew I wouldn’t be ready,  I have been bummed about it ever since.  All that training, 20-40+ miles a week, now I have to start over!  And that day is today!  It was not fun, I was slow, it was hot, and my Ipod had no charge!  So I spent all three miles reminding myself WHY I run.   I get asked this question all the time, WHY?  Well, in no particular order…….


  • I can sleep if I run – I have never been a great sleeper, a good napper, but it is very hard for me to go to bed, and torture to stay there if I’m awake.  But when I started running several years ago, suddenly I started sleeping 8 hours a night, and waking up rested, it’s great!!  I  run so I can sleep!
  • I can eat whatever I want – I’m generally a really healthy eater, but boy do I have a sweet tooth!  Candy, cakes, chocolate, cookies, I don’t discriminate.  I give up sugar for months at a time, hoping I’ll lose the craving, hasn’t happened yet!  I’ve been able to maintain the same weight and the same size for years, running does that for me.  I run so I can eat!
  • I LOVE clothes – I worked in an upscale dress shop all through college, and eventually bought it, so I’ve always had access to nice clothes.  My kids joke that I ‘collect’ sundresses!  I love always having something to wear, and not worrying if I look ‘fat’ in everything.  I run so I can wear cute clothes!
  • My insides are in great shape – I don’t have a great family history as far as cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure go.  I was always told to watch it, since I’ve been running my numbers are AMAZING!  Low, Low, Low, I run so that I can stay healthy!
  • My husband still thinks I’m hot – We’ve been together 21 years, I’ve had two kids, and he still likes what I’m working with, it’s a nice feeling!  I run for my husband!
  • My kids think their mom is hip – After I finished my first half marathon, for that one day, my kids though I was a superhero.  They are very supportive and proud of me.  I love that!  I run for my children!
  • I feel like I’m part of a ‘cool’ group – Runners are awesome, they talk about pacing, distances, shoes, tech gear, cool stuff.  They wear funny hats, flashy colors,  enjoy a good sweat, and still look cool.  I’ve never felt like the coolest girl in the room, I’ve always been a little shy, but running helps me find an inner confidence, an inner cool.  I run because it’s ‘cool’!
  • Running helps me manage stress – Life is hard!  Working, mommy-ing, running a house, even being a wife, it’s tough.  I tend to worry over things I can’t control, but running always makes me feel better.  Mad, go for a run.  Sad, go for a run.  Frustrated, go for a run.  Nervous, go for a run.  Scared, go for a run.  I’m always, always, always better for the effort, calmer ,and  clear-headed.  I run to release stress!
  • Running is quiet time with the Lord – I listen to Christian music, pray, sometimes I’m just quiet before Him.  I dedicate every run to Him, and give Him the glory that I can do it at all.  I know that not everyone can run, and I never want to take for granted the gift.  I run for HIM!
  • Running gets me outside – I am a nester, I love a comfy seat, air conditioning,  a good book, a knitting project, an old movie, relaxing!  Running outside I breathe fresh air, feel the rain, cool winds and the warmth of the sun.  I see birds, squirrels, dogs, cats, and on early summer mornings crabs all over the roads.  Most days I feel just like a Disney Princess, communing with nature, only with better shoes!  I run to experience outside!

These are a few reasons WHY I run,

WHY I hope that I always can,

and WHY I’ll lace up tomorrow.

WHY wouldn’t I run?


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  1. Kristine Welliver
    Kristine Welliver April 11, 2013 at 8:29 am | | Reply

    You’re way younger than me, you’re way shorter than me and I find myself looking up to you..your an inspiration

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