There is a Tree in the House!

There is a Tree in the House!

23 days to go!  The house is a holiday disaster!  We drug out all the decor tonight and currently it is in a huge pile on the den floor.  But the tree made it inside!  It’s a pretty NC grown Frasier Fur.  Still needs lights and ornaments, but it has the prettiest skirt, if I do say so myself.  You can find the pattern to knit your own, here.



Way back in the holiday closet I found this cute Advent calendar, it was already showing the 2nd, perfect timing!  My kids love counting down the days, and I thought this was a cute way to do it that didn’t involve candy.  They disagreed, so we also do one with chocolate!  It’ll be up tomorrow, and before anyone worries, I forked over the Hershey Kisses yesterday and today!



The little nutcracker was handmade by my Uncle Bob almost 30 years ago, he made an army of them. I was a little girl at the time, but he saved one for me until I got married.  It needs some fresh cotton on the front this year to keep it looking perfect.

Tomorrow I hope to tackle some crafting in addition to unwrapping more family treasures!  How’s your decorating going?



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  1. Julie
    Julie December 2, 2014 at 9:45 pm | | Reply

    Did you by chance knit your tree skirt? If so, where would I find the pattern? Thanks

  2. MIralee Vasquez
    MIralee Vasquez December 3, 2014 at 9:21 am | | Reply

    Well I put a Christmas themed table cloth on the table. That is it

  3. Sue
    Sue December 3, 2014 at 2:29 pm | | Reply

    Love the tree skirt! The nutcracker is cute.

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