Phase One , Tear Everything Up!

Phase One , Tear Everything Up!

Phase One, Tear everything up!
Probably the correct order in which to makeover a space would be to finish floors last, well what’s fun about that?  Isn’t it better to put in beautiful new floors and THEN drag in nail guns, ladders, paint, ect? It’s not? Oh well, I wish I could say this was the first time I got ahead of myself………
My dear husband Paul, and I started by removing the old mismatched floor, he has tried to convience me for YEARS, that removing the wood in the bathroom without damaging the wood in the bedroom, COULD. NOT. BE. DONE.  It took all of about 15 mins, (It can’t be done is code for I don’t want to do it!)  

 Next we busted up the dirty old  tile.  The tiles were set in morder, set over wire mesh encased in portland cement. We’ve removed this type of tile twice before, so it was no surprise.

We took turns shoveling, and toting debris, we spent a good two hours cleaning and clearing this 3x5ft space.  Next we had to build the subflooring back to level with the vanity section.  The tile/morter/cement concoction dropped the level 7/8’s of an inch.  It was very important to put the new backer board down in one continuous piece, to eliminate any weak spots that may lead to cracked tile.  This is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way!  Eaiser said than done, 4 hours later we had a level floor! 

 At this point, I should, finish the celling, repair the walls, sand, paint, paper?  Yeah Right!  I put in the tile!!  Here is a quick peak…….stay tuned.

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