The Domestic Dash: Enjoying the Race!: Page 16

Almost There!

I am So happy to be nearing the end of this bathroom re-do, and so very pleased with the outcome! The beautiful marble floors are finished.  This was the first time I’ve ever laid marble tile; it was really not so different than ceramic/porcelain, maybe somewhat more fragile.  Now that it is in place it […]

Hibernating UFO’s……Wake Up!

Yesterday was the First Day of Spring! The kiddos and I spent some time picking up sticks and pinecones, begining the clean up from a cold, gray winter.  The bushes and trees are budding and blooming, and it is so encouraging to find new growth breaking the ground from long dormant plants and flowers. Spring […]

Phase One , Tear Everything Up!

Phase One, Tear everything up! Probably the correct order in which to makeover a space would be to finish floors last, well what’s fun about that?  Isn’t it better to put in beautiful new floors and THEN drag in nail guns, ladders, paint, ect? It’s not? Oh well, I wish I could say this was […]

And So It Begins, Again!

Sometimes it feels like I’ve spent untold hours in the bathroom!  I have three smallish bathrooms, and over the years they have seen more redesigns/work than any other rooms in the house.  First wall paper, then  wood floors, then no more wall paper, then tile counters, then fresh paint, then tile floors, then granite counters, […]