Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Around here most of the month of August is spent in anticipation, of FALL!  The kids go back to school, the weather starts to cool, (hopefully), the kids go back to school, and I finally get to spend some time fluffing my ‘nest’ for the winter.  Oh, and did I mention the kids go back to school?  I’ve got lots of smallish projects in mind, slipcovering, painting, a good deep cleaning, and some gift making.  It has been hard to get much done lately and I find myself longing to be ‘more’ productive, sometimes I have more plans than actual time!  And sometimes, I waste precious time shopping online, don’t tell Mr.Fix-it, it’s our secret.

I am not much of a ‘seasonal’ decorator, but I do have a silly affinity for seasonal wreaths.  I have always made them, even as a young bride, I truly think the make a house look like a home.  The first year Mr.Fix-it and I were married, I made an adorable candy wreath to hang on the front door of our precious tiny starter home.  It was a thick ring of Double Bubble bubble gum still in their bright colorful wrappers.  It never occurred to me that our front door faced straight into the sun, and I never even thought it might attract bees.  But it was sure cute while it lasted!  Until today, I don’t think I have ever bought a wreath.

A second silly affinity I have is for those “deal of the day” websites.  You know the ones, that sell just one, or maybe a couple special items, for that day only?  One of my favorites is DecorSteals.com.  They sell all kinds of unique, sometimes vintage, sometimes quirky home decor items.  You can sign up for their email list and they send you the “steal” each day around 10am, or you can simply check their website.  Here are a couple of my favorite finds.

This cute feed sack style bag, modeled by my sweetie pie niece Ali, today is her birthday!


I embelished with a big C.



This unique rusty iron crown, I’ve used it on the mantle, in the sunroom and sometimes the kitchen table.


And this adorable little footstool, I embroidered the blanket stitching over the printing, it is too cute!


And today I bought this beautiful acorn wreath, the larger one, on the left.

Natural Acorn Wreaths | Decor Steals~Enjoy Today's Steal from DECOR STEALS

It is so charming, just needs a simple ribbon, and HELLO FALL!

I just can’t wait for the kids to go back to school, FALL, can you?




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  1. Betty
    Betty August 13, 2013 at 7:05 am | | Reply

    One terrific read Claire. After just rolling out of bed this was a great way to get me motivated and looking forward to the day.

  2. Bonnie
    Bonnie August 13, 2013 at 8:31 am | | Reply

    She is adorable…

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