Life Changing

Life Changing

Can a piece of furniture change your life?  My answer is yes, definitely!  Imagine if you didn’t have a cozy bed, or a comfortable chair, life might not be as……. comfy.  Can you imagine a simple piece of furniture that could help you keep your home cleaner?  Sure, almost any piece with drawers and/or doors can hide away all the clutter of our lives, that helps right?  For me, my clutter problem was shoes, (one of my clutter problems anyway).  Shoes piled up constantly by the back door.  It almost drove me bananas, then it got worse.  When my kids started school, on top of the pile of shoes, there was a pile of bags, lunch boxes and books.  There was simply no way to fit baskets, or shelves, or anything that might help in my small back foyer, until I found this.

STÄLL Shoe cabinet with 4 comparment IKEA

It’s only 6¾ inches thick, the back sits just above the baseboard, so it’s nice and flush against the wall, AND it holds, at least, 8 pairs of shoes!  Did I mention it’s only $99?


Who are the clever minds that come up with this stuff?  The brilliant minds of IKEA, that’s who!  I customized mine with hand stenciled letters designating a drawer for each family member, painted a big chalkboard above and hung hooks, voila a drop zone is born!


Here it is, all filled up, it just makes me happy!


My favorite addition, a custom chalk holder, designed by my boy.  He even hung it up there himself, isn’t that the cutest?


But the best part? It’s when this happens…


 And the angels sing!


See I told you, life changing!


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  1. May
    May May 5, 2013 at 12:57 am | | Reply

    I can not believe how perfectly that fits between the doorframe and the wall. Like a glove! And the lego chalk holder is fantastic!

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