Hibernating UFO’s……Wake Up!

Hibernating UFO’s……Wake Up!

Yesterday was the First Day of Spring! The kiddos and I spent some time picking up sticks and pinecones, begining the clean up from a cold, gray winter.  The bushes and trees are budding and blooming, and it is so encouraging to find new growth breaking the ground from long dormant plants and flowers.

Spring has remembered these hibernating plants, and I can’t help but think of all the projects I started last spring that I left asleep.  So this morning, I dug out several with renewed determination to get them finished.

1- Random Stripe Blanket– This is the perfect weight spring/summer blanket.  I’m working it in 4 colors of Classic Elite’s Panda Silk, a scrumptious blend of silk, bamboo with a touch of merino.   I supersized the pattern and used multiples of 14 for each chevron, to celebrate the 14 fun years of Paul and my marriage.  It is a fun simple knit, and almost 2/3 of the way done, our 15th anniversary is in May, motivation? Yes!

2-Sleeveless Tuxedo Shirt in Red and 3- Sooth in Milk Chocolate
Both are cute summer tops, and both are half finished!  The red is Cascade Ultra Pima Fine, it feels amazing.  The design has lace button front inserts, bordered with tiny crocheted ruffles and lacey shoulder straps, perfect with white shorts for July 4th.  The brown is Rowan’s Lenpur Linen, drapy and beautiful to knit.  I am modifying the front of this one so that it has less gather in the front, but still has the great belt detail, this one will be so cute with skirts and shorts in the warmer months!

4- Lace Weight Wrap, (I need a more clever name I think?)
This is a pattern that I am writing/knitting for the April Knit-a-Long at the shop.  It is VERY light and frothy, and I think the perfect 4 season accessory!  In the warmer months it is the perfect light covering to combat icy AC, and crushes down to nothing to fit in your bag when not needed.  And when it’s colder it will be a light, but warm scarf to wrap up in.  I’m using Grignasco Kid Seta in an electric tomato color on a size 7 needle, I love it! I’ll post the finished pattern with yarn amounts here on April 1st, no fooling!

These are my Spring UFO’s, (UnFinished Objects)!  Guess I better get the needles clicking!  What have you left to “sleep” that it’s time to wake up??  

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