From Beige to……..Bleh?

From Beige to……..Bleh?

Sometime ago I decided my incredibly beige den needed an infusion of color.  Tan walls, (Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore to be exact), brown leather furniture, a brick fireplace wall and wood floors.  I almost put myself to sleep just typing that!  I really didn’t want to repaint the walls, I just bought the couch in January, and the brick is staying!  So, first I added blues in the pillows, then an afghan, then I found some cute chevron stripe drapes.  Then I fell in love with a fun ikat fabric and upholstered this chair.


Everything was starting to look fresh and dare I say it, my room was getting trendy!  Except for that  eyesore in the corner there, see it?  Here is a closer look-



It used to be a full hight armoire, but Mr.Fixit cut it down to better accommodate a flat screen.  All those antennae, boxes and speakers, I have to live with them, because I love my husband, but I don’t want to live with the dry stained oak any more.  What to do, but paint!

Ever feel like your late to the party?  Well that’s kind of how I feel about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This paint has been around awhile and people LOVE it!   Heck, I love it, I’ve even recommended it, but I’ve only used it once, on a small table base.  The beauty of this paint is that you can layer the colors and distress it with very little effort.  You don’t even have to sand or prime before you start.  Try searching ASCP on Pinterest, I just drool, all over the keyboard, every time!  The can even says this paint is for GIRLS, I just love it.   This was my opportunity to join the painting party!

So I cracked open a can of Country Grey, it just sounds great right?

photo (11)

Now this is a cell phone pic, but even with my good camera, people, it was B.A.D!  Now what?  I jumped in the car and raced over to my local paint supplier, Budget ReDesign.  I went for Old White, and ended up buying Louis Blue too!  My plan was to dry brush a little blue in the crevices, then white wash, well somehow I ended up dry brushing the whole thing blue!


At this point my husband came home and I told him at least a dozen times not to ‘freak’ out, I was talking to ME!  Why is this going so wrong!!  The next morning I started the white wash.



Maybe for a baby nursery, or even a Calabash seafood hut, but this was not the look I was going for!  I think maybe I don’t know what look I’m going for anymore!  Next I phoned a friend, and texted photos.  Not just ANY friend, my friend Kris, who has THE BEST taste of all the fabulous ladies I know.  She agreed it was bad, and maybe I should try the dark wax.  This paint is very flat and porous so it has to be sealed with wax.  Mrs. Sloan makes a clear wax and a dark wax.  The clear you use when you are happy with the color, the dark adds an aged, almost dirty look.  I had the clear, and after another trip to Budget ReDesign I now have the dark wax.  This wax is very scary!  It goes on REALLY dark, I did lots of wiping and buffing and now it looks like this-



Close up it’s not bad, but on the whole piece, it’s just not quite right?P1010203

My crazy dog kept creeping into my shots 🙂


I cleaned up my mess and decided to take a break, and live with it awhile before I add any more layers.  I left the top stained, should I paint it?  Should I start over?  Should I add a darker blue?  Should I paint it a high gloss white?  Black?  Should I buy a new piece of furniture?

What do you think??





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12 Responses

  1. Lisa
    Lisa April 19, 2013 at 11:13 pm | | Reply

    How about a bright color – Aubusson blue is awesome and looks great with beige/tan.

  2. Danielle
    Danielle April 20, 2013 at 8:27 am | | Reply

    Personally, I kind of like it. I think the dark wax roughed it up bit….in a good way. How about some old hardware on the doors? I would leave the top if it were me. I really think it looks great. Either way, enjoy your project. No need to freak out.

  3. Bonnie
    Bonnie April 20, 2013 at 11:41 am | | Reply

    Don’t see much more to be done…it blends in…much of improvement from original and the stages in between.

  4. Kristine
    Kristine April 20, 2013 at 9:34 pm | | Reply

    Hmmm, how about a simple crisp white to tone-in with your architraves and cornices and off-set the other muted tones in the space? Or, if you want a more rustic feel, you could paint the whole thing black (or dark brown), top coat it in white/cream then distress it (lightly or heavily) so the dark paint beneath peeks through?
    Given it’s not really a statement piece of furniture I would probably avoid anything too bright and poppy. Something simple, discreet and neutral will help it blend into the room.
    Anyhoo, whatever you decide I’m sure the room will look lovely 🙂

  5. Caroline
    Caroline April 21, 2013 at 5:08 pm | | Reply

    I think that you should get a new piece of furniture!!!!! love your blog! 🙂

  6. Mel
    Mel April 21, 2013 at 10:13 pm | | Reply

    I think the red that is in the print next to the TV stand would be a nice contrast with what I can see of the room’s decor.

  7. Hayley
    Hayley April 23, 2013 at 6:32 pm | | Reply

    I’m a little late here, but what if you stained the top and maybe even the bottom edge the same color as the wood on your ikat chair? I think a little more contrast would help a lot. If you were to start over completely, maybe get a sample of paint to match the blue in the chair and make your own chalk paint.

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