Crafting with Caroline

Crafting with Caroline

Today I have a fun ‘Guest Post’ from my Darling Daughter, Caroline.  She is a great girl and a natural-born crafter, always looking for the next great project, without further ado……..


Hi! I’m very crafty, and I love to make jewelery!  I have been making projects with my mom for as long as I can remember, now I like to make things for her, my friends and our family.  The project I want to show is a tape measure bracelet.  This is one of my wonderful mom’s favorite bracelets.  Since she is a knitter, she has to measure a lot and this is a great bracelet to use for that!  This is a beginner project that takes about 10-15 minutes.  This is how to do it.


-4 jump rings

-2 half-inch ribbon clasps/clips

-1 toggle clasp

– scissors

-2 pairs of pliers

– half-inch measuring tape, (I got mine at Hobby Lobby),  OR any kind of ribbon or twill tape



  • cut a length of ribbon the length of your bracelet


  • attach a ribbon clasp to each end of the tape


  • attach 2 jump rings to each clasp (4 in total)


  • attach one half of the toggle clasp to one side,(repeat with the other side of the clasp on the other side of the bracelet)





Hope you like it,



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