And So It Begins, Again!

And So It Begins, Again!

Sometimes it feels like I’ve spent untold hours in the bathroom!  I have three smallish bathrooms, and over the years they have seen more redesigns/work than any other rooms in the house.  First wall paper, then  wood floors, then no more wall paper, then tile counters, then fresh paint, then tile floors, then granite counters, then beadboard, then celing treatments, and on and on………

This brings me to the latest bathroom reinvention, this time the master bath.  It is tiny, by modern standards, but it is super functional, a simple shower, toilet and sink.  I have changed it up FOUR times since we’ve lived here, but it’s always been an embaressing secret that I’m thankful is tucked away upstairs, untill now!  The major problem was the floor, this tiny room, just over 5x10ft had two types of flooring, one for the ‘wet’ area , and one for the ‘dry’.

What makes it even stranger, that wood in front of the vanity? Well that was……..carpeting when we bought the house!! Very odd, but I guess in the 70’s it was superfly!  Notice the strange way they finished the base mouldings, why have I lived with it for so long?  No amount of simple decor could help this!

So I made a plan, with a tiny budget, but it all hinged on removing the wood and busting up that awful floor tile to pave the way for one continuous floor.  My amazing husband was not thrilled.  (He knows me well enough to know that the decorating dominos would begin to fall!)

I want clean, sharp, STYLISH, but still traditional in keeping with the rest of the house.  Daltile 12 in. x 12 in. Crema Marfil Marble Floor and Wall Tile Cremea marble floor, crisp white paint and a pop of color in grass green.  I can see it, can you?  Not yet?  You will!


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