Almost There!

Almost There!

I am So happy to be nearing the end of this bathroom re-do, and so very pleased with the outcome! The beautiful marble floors are finished.  This was the first time I’ve ever laid marble tile; it was really not so different than ceramic/porcelain, maybe somewhat more fragile.  Now that it is in place it is holding up VERY well.   I cannot tell you what a difference it makes in that small space!  Crema Marble from the Home Depot with linen colored grout.   
Next came the moldings and paint.  As you saw in the before pic’s, I had two different moldings, wood and tile, along the base of the floor.
  In order to cut down on the amount of drywall repair, (where the tiles were removed), I needed 6inch moldings.  Standard is less than 5, and the price is exponentially greater the thicker the molding, what’s a girl to do?  Make her own, or convince her hubby too!  We bought plain 1×6’s routed the top edge, and for less than $25 bucks we had ‘custom’ baseboards.   Primed and painted high gloss white, they look amazing! 
The walls and the celling are painted Bistro White, from Lowe’s, a creamy white that has no yellow undertones. 
The walls were previously a light dove gray, so I really thought this would be a subtle change.  Was I ever wrong!  The whole space feels light, airy and ………….LARGE!  I am seriously considering painting the bedroom to match!  

The final install, before the accessorizing was the grass cloth wallpaper.  I’ve never hung grass cloth, in fact I’ve never hung a paper that I had to paste myself!   I did some research, but in the end I decided to just wing it, surprised?  

It took a good three hours to hang the three pieces I used, and while it is not without a few flaws, it looks really good!  I hope to write a detailed post about the process soon.  Light EmeraldGrass Cloth from Lowes.

Almost there!!  Lighting, Accessories, Window Treatments are all that’s left, and of course a little caulking and scraping and cleaning. So close I can feel it!

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