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Well, I jumped the gun and posted the Monster Buddy blog without the PDF pattern link!  Whoops!  It is all corrected now and can be found here, Monster Buddy.  Sorry for the confusion!   Claire  

Monster Buddy

Monster Buddy

Softly chirping birds on a spring morning, the crash of waves as they roll upon the shore, peals of laughter around a kitchen table, what do these have in common?  They are all melodies of life, more than just sounds, they evoke feeling and memories upon hearing.  To children born deaf or with severe hearing […]

February 2016

A day late and a dollar short, more than a joke this month, I’m literally a day late starting the dishcloth!  I must still have vacation brain.  Take a look why, We are back from our snow-skiing trip about a week, but as all momma’s know, the weeks before and after a big trip are […]